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Aprils Kitchen BR7 Baking Blog – June!

Each month Aprils Kitchen will be showcasing a new recipe working alongside an organisation or business in Chislehurst. This month it's the turn of Go Travel.



Is there anything better than cocktails on holiday?

Whether you’re jetting off somewhere hot this year or staying at home to relax, these cocktails are perfect to get you into the summer spirit.  



1 Bottle White Wine (75cl)
200g Fresh Pineapple, Cubed
2 Limes—Thinly Slices
200g Fresh Watermelon, cubed
100ml Brandy
1 Bottle Bitter Lemonade (1litre)


In a large jug mix together the wine and brandy.
Add the limes and leave to chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours.
To serve add the melon , pineapple and limes to a glass with a few cubes of ice.
Fill 3/4 of the way with the wine and brandy mix and top up with bitter lemonade.

Twists & Tips

If you’re a berry fan replace the fresh fruit with Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries.

For a sweeter sangria use normal lemonade.

Always let the wine and brandy chill in the fridge before serving. There’s nothing worse than a warm cocktail.

Save wasting your limes. Place the limes into ice cube trays, top with water and freeze for a zesty frozen cube.



200g Fresh Strawberries, plus extra for serving
1 Bottle Prosecco (75cl)
15g Fresh mint, plus extra for serving


Remove the stalks from the strawberries, cut into quarters and place in a sieve over a bowl. Remove the stalks from the mint leaves, rip in half and add to the strawberries.

Using the back of a ladle or metal spoon, press the strawberries and mint through the sieve until you have a puree. Place the puree into the fridge to chill.

To serve place 2 mint leaves into a glass with 2 tbsp of the strawberry puree. Top up with chilled prosecco and enjoy.

Holiday Ideas for the whole family

Sun, relaxation and adventure parks in Salou— a favourite destination in Spain amongst families. The range of family-friendly resorts and incredible beaches are the primary draw. Its beaches, entertainment options and natural environment make it the perfect destination to spend your family holiday.

World-class entertainment in Dubai– well known for its glorious beaches with calm turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf, but this fantastic destination is also home to many excellent attractions that will keep your children busy.

Turkey: a blend of history with great water sports—an excellent destination for families who are looking for a beach holiday combined with the opportunity to explore ancient ruins.

A perfect family summer holiday in Florida—if your family wants to discover some of the world’s best theme parks while enjoying plenty of time relaxing on the beach, Florida is the ideal destination for you. If you prefer heading to the beaches, Florida’s Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts are each within a two-hour drive of Orlando’s parks.

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Thank you to The Team from Go Travel for working on this month’s issue and Clare Herriot for the photos and video.

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