Coming soon – a new look to Sainsbury’s Chislehurst.

John Woods, Store Manager of Sainsbury’s Chislehurst, has been giving us the low down on some exciting new changes to the layout and offering in the store which will start to be put into effect from 23rd April (although we are advised that customers will not notice too many changes until around two weeks later when the frozen food cabinets are first removed). Among the many changes are:


  • Completely new service counters that will include a pizza bar with the facility to take away a hot pizza freshly baked
  • A brand new kiosk and customer services desk
  • All new shelving throughout
  • All new cabinets for chilled food and fruit and veg – there will be more space allocated to fresh foods
  • A larger selection of sandwiches and accompanying snacks and drinks
  • A range of toys – new for the first time to the store
  • A different range of General Merchandise.
  • A new facility to self-scan with a trolley
  • Some new ranges of ambient foods new to the store. (No, we didn’t know what ‘ambient foods’ are either!  Apparently they are ‘food of a type that can be safely stored at room temperature in a sealed container. This includes foods that would normally be stored refrigerated but which have been processed so that they can be safely stored at room or ambient temperature for a usefully long shelf life.’  Now we know!)


We have been given advance notice of some disruption caused by these significant changes, which will include:

  • Frozen Foods will be taken from display for a week at the beginning of May for one week.
  • Counters will be removed for two weeks whilst the new ones are built.


Says John: “From my point of view I am really excited that my customers will get an updated shopping experience here at Chislehurst.  Brand new and up to date counters will really enhance the shopping experience to those that visit the store.  I am certain that once the initial disruption has finished and customers get used to the changes in the product locations, the shop will have a much more coherent feel to it.  Customers’ shopping experiences  will be much enhanced and enjoyable.“