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Belmont Open Space


Belmont Open Space can be found along Belmont Lane.

Consisting of approximately 5.5 acres of open-park and woodland, it is divided by a tributary of the river Shuttle, access across of which is via two foot bridges, linked by a rough path creating a short ‘round robin’ walk.

On the north side, bounded by Imperial Way, is a children’s playground consisting of swings, slide and roundabout. It is enclosed by a fence inside which dogs are banned.

To the south it is bounded by Old Belmont Lane, which leads to Kemnal through woods and grazing land. At the junction with Kemnal Road, the walker has three options; left towards riding stables; straight on, towards Beaverwood and Scadbury beyond; right towards the Common and an alley leading to Belmont Parade.

Adjacent is the Belmont Lane Allotments, the Association of which organises open days where fresh produce is sold. This ‘Space’ is the last vestige of the old Belmont Park farm/estate, and with access to rural walks, maintains a rural setting worth discovering.

A ‘friends’ group, (Friends of Belmont Open Space) has been established to help protect and improve the fields and adjacent environment for the local community.


  • Gemma Ramsden – Chairwoman
  • Gemma Sargeant – Vice Chairwoman
  • Andrew Mould – Treasurer

Email:  friends@belmontopenspace.org.uk

Website: https://belmontopenspace.org.uk

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/FOBOSChislehurst/

Twitter – @FOBelmontOS

Photo by Keith Cheeseman – Twitter @KeizerCloud


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