Visit Chislehurst Membership Information

We have over 150 organisations and local businesses who support what we stand for as a group and we are always welcoming more!

Shops, businesses, and organisations in Chislehurst (BR7) are invited to join for £15 per month (charities for £12 per month).

Criteria for joining Visit Chislehurst is as follows (you must fit into one of these):

  1. Your business or organisation must be registered to an address in BR7 and operate within the area.
  2. Your business is registered elsewhere but regularly (at least once a week) conducts their business in BR7. Your business/organisation must also contribute to the vision for Visit Chis – creating a thriving and vibrant town.  E.g., A weekly yoga class or weekly session from a charitable organisation. Businesses/Organisation of this nature will be considered by the Board of Visit Chislehurst Directors and their decision is final.
  3. Occasionally, we may consider businesses from neighbouring areas where they may significantly contribute to Chislehurst life. This is at the discretion of the board of Visit Chislehurst and their decision is final.4. Acceptance of membership is at the discretion of the membership committee and visit Chislehurst directors. They are under no obligation as to disclose the reasoning for declining an application.


    The full benefits of being a Visit Chislehurst Member include:

 Membership includes:

  • A business page on the VC website
  • An opportunity to be promoted on all VC Social Media platforms which all have a large following (Facebook 12k, twitter – 5k, Instagram – 5k)
  • An opportunity to feature on VC website as part of the editorial strategy, including blogs, articles, and videos.
  • All business events can be featured on the What’s On Section of VC website
  • Live Facebook videos showcasing your business
  • Individual Marketing advice and guidance.
  • Opportunities to get involved in Visit Chislehurst events either as a participant and/or sponsor
  • Inclusion in all communications about what is happening in Chislehurst
  • Access to a private Facebook Chislehurst networking group
  • Networking opportunities
  • Monthly Membership meetings
  • Workshops evenings on areas such as marketing, social media etc.

Your membership ultimately gives back to the Chislehurst community – a community that supports your business. Your monthly contributions help pay for the fabulous annual Christmas lights as well as promoting Chislehurst through events and publicity.

The cost to join the Visit Chislehurst is £15 per month (£12 for charities).

We request a payment of 6 months’ in advance to join (£90 / £72), With a standing order being set up from the 7 months, for monthly payments.

Join us!

If you would you like join the Visit Chislehurst Network, please contact us using the form provided below or email

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