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Happiness Masterclass

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“I’m still buzzing from the happiness masterclass and recommending you to everyone! It had been a difficult day for me and I came out smiling!” Lucy

“This can alter your way of thinking and help find on a path to greater contentment”Ian

On 25 July at Deva Yoga, Chislehurst, local life coach Steve Chamberlain will be delivering a masterclass sharing the secrets to lasting happiness and contentment. To help give you a flavour of the content that will be covered, see if the below story resonates… if your interest is peaked you can find out more and book online.

Imagine we’re sat around an infinite canvas, and that everyone we’ve ever met, or will ever meet, is doing the same. On the canvas is painted everything that exists in our world. There are images of us, our family and friends, our communities, cars, houses and all other possessions. Until this moment, we’ve believed that in order to experience happiness or to feel complete, we’ve needed to cut things out of this canvas to keep. So we’ve taken our knife to the picture and cut out the sports car, the savings, the job role and so on. However, while this has been done with our best intentions, and is what everyone sat close to us has also been doing, it has never led to us feeling true contentment. We’ve also noticed that when we occasionally look at the possessions we’ve cut out, they’ve started to fade and no longer give us the same feeling as when we first took them. Deep down, we feel that what we are doing isn’t working, but it’s all we’ve ever known, and there doesn’t seem to be another way, so we take out our knife once more and cut away something bigger and brighter from the canvas in the hope that this will be the one that changes everything. Except it doesn’t.

Now consider that someone we haven’t met before takes their position to our left. As we catch their eye we sense in them a genuine contentment and fulfilment that we haven’t known before. They don’t look weary or frustrated, but rather have a sense of peace and calm. Intrigued, we decide to watch what they do. The first thing we notice is that they don’t have a knife, nor any possessions that they’ve cut out. Instead, they have a paint tray filled with vibrant colours of every variety, and a brush. We watch them lean over and begin to draw wonderful images onto the canvas. Where once there were blank spaces, left by other people’s incisions, now there are new creations. Before long, the space in front of them is alive with stunning colours. At this moment, content with their work, they get up and move to another place around the infinite canvas and continue their creation.

We look down and notice for the first time that we too have paints and a paintbrush. The colour of our paints are slightly different to this stranger, though equally stunning, and our paintbrush has a slightly different tip, though equally perfect. Something inside us stirs, as we dip our brush into the paint and begin our own creation. For the first time in years, a genuine smile comes to our face and we begin to add to the mosaic. The person next to us looks up, and watches what we’re doing, with an expression of intrigue. After a few moments, you notice that they too have found their paints and brush, and are leaning in.

We come to realise that taking away from the picture has never given us what we seek and never will. For the first time, we know that we have our unique pallet of our values, and the paintbrush of our mind. We understand that we’re here to create and to add to the infinite canvas that is life, and that by so doing we’ll experience all of the love, joy, inner peace and contentment we’ve ever sought. And so we paint.

Happiness masterclass takes place on 25 July at Deva Yoga in Chislehurst –secure your place now.


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