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Baby Massage Classes

18 March 2024 @ 8:00 am - 11 March 2026 @ 5:00 pm

Double Award Winning Baby Massage Course PLUS 3x ADDITIONAL sequences to help soothe teething, colic and constipation.

⭐️ Group Class (in your own home)
5x week Course – £111
(*Minimum of 2x Mummys)
✅Full Baby Massage Course
✅Full PDF Manual
✅3x Extra Massage Sequences
✅Massage Oil
*5x Mummys or more & Host goes FREE*

⭐️One to One (in your own home)
5x week course – £144
✅Full Baby Massage Course
✅Full PDF Manual
✅3x Extra Massage Sequences
✅Massage Oil

Why is Baby Massage so fantastic?

Promotes Bonding: Enhances emotional connection and security.
Relaxes the Baby: Reduces stress, lowers stress levels, and improves sleep.
Relieves Discomfort: Helps with issues like wind, colic, and teething pains.
Improves Circulation: Enhances oxygen and nutrient delivery for growth.
Stimulates Nervous System: Aids in neural development, supporting motor skills.
Develops Body Awareness: Fosters coordination and spatial orientation.
Relieves Congestion: Eases breathing for babies with respiratory issues.
Boosts Immune Function: Enhances the baby’s immune system.
Builds Trust: Promotes a sense of security and confidence.
Provides Sensory Stimulation: Helps babies explore their environment.
Aids Premature Infants: Can contribute to weight gain and development.

Book as soon as you can as limited spots available.



March 18 @ 8:00 am
11 March 2026 @ 5:00 pm