Friel on Friday… Prickend Pond


Prickend Pond – In this first of our second series find out where the name Prickend Pond comes from and why it’s not actually a pond at all.  Even Michael Jackson gets a mention, listen carefully!

Featuring Joanna Friel, Heritage Rep for the Chislehurst Society and filmed by Clare Herriot.


  1. I have just enjoyed a wonderful experience watching all the Friel on Friday films. I was born in 1944 and lived my much valued childhood and younger years in Chislehurst which has always remained a very special place to me. I moved out of the area in my mid twenties and now reside in Brixham Devonshire where for a large part of my life i worked as a Police Officer. Although i am 73years of age i am very active in my local community. However i still have very fond memories of Chislehurst and watching Joanne’s clips has really inspired me to want to visit. – You have a great website, and Joanne your ‘Freil on Fridays’ are just magical – Regards Pete Busby BEM ex pupil of Mead Road, Redhill, and Edgebury Secondary Boys School.

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