Eco Friendly

Grow your own!  Get an Allotment!

Growing your own veg, fruit and flowers brings real satisfaction and can save you an enormous amount of money off your shopping bill every year.  One of the greatest benefits is that you know what has gone into growing your own products.  No pesticides, artificial packaging or transport usage.  Just love and a little bit of hard, but enjoyable, work!

‘Bee’ creative!  You can create your own flower garden to flowers to attract bees and butterflies.

There are a few allotments in and around Chislehurst, many within walking distance of the High Street.  You may already have your own garden but just not have the space to have a vegetable plot, or you may not have an outdoor space so an allotment is the perfect opportunity to get outside.

Being outside brings endless health benefits to you.  Not only will you keep fit with all that digging, but also you’ll feel better in yourself with being exposed to vitamin D and the fresh air reducing stress levels.

Having an allotment space is also great for children, helping to raise awareness about the environment and wildlife – perfect for bug hotels and growing their own veggies too!

You may want to escape out to your plot for a bit of planting and maybe then a quiet sit in the sunshine or alternatively have a chat with a neighbouring plot owner – compare notes or share produce.

Contact for local Allotments:

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