Eco Friendly

Do you really know how to recycle?

Recycling really should be a specialist subject on mastermind.  Can you answer these?

  • Can I put a green milk bottle lid in with the milk bottle in my green bin?
  • Does a cardboard juice bottle go in with the paper?
  • Can I recycle takeaway boxes?

Paper – ✔

Greeting cards – no glitter

Paper – ✖

Anything with glue on it i.e. envelopes
Anything with glitter on it
Contaminated paper products i.e. paper towels and tissues

Glass – ✔

Jars – you can leave the lids on as they are removed in the recycle process

Glass – ✖

Broken glass –wrap up securely and throw in general waste

Plastic – ✔

Water bottles
Plastic trays
Milk cartons
Shampoo bottles
Marg/butter tubs
Carrier bags – however, these should be reused until broken

Plastic – ✖

Black plastic is non- recyclable
LBB will now take textiles if you bag these separately.

ana skins! See the section on composting here.

Compost – ✔

Peelings from daily cooking, almost everything excluding ban

Metal – ✔

Tin cans – must be cleaned prior to recycling

Metal – ✖

Metallic plastic film like chocolate bar wrappers

Garden waste – ✔

You can now order a garden bin from LBB for all you garden waste – grass cuttings, leaves, plants etc and this is collected bi-weekly.  Perfect for gardeners.

Garden waste – ✖


Household items

  • Small appliances – if they are working donate to charity or if they are faulty you will need to take them to the dump.
  • Light bulbs – Standard light bulbs cannot be recycled but energy saving ones can be. They also last longer!
  • Ink cartridges – you can donated used ones to : Age UK – Business recycling across the UK; toner cartridges, mobile phones and ink cartridges. Telephone, 020 7820 6770.
  • Batteries – put in a clear bag next to your weekly collection.
  • Foil – wash thoroughly and put in recycling.
  • Plastic food wrapping – most wrappers will now say if they can be recycled.
  • Empty aerosols – these can be recycled.
  • Crisp packets – sadly not recyclable yet.
  • Wrapping paper – some can, some can’t. If it is dyed or contains glitter the answer is no.

Top Tips:

  • Switch from plastic milk bottles and sign up for a milk man
  • Compost – you can probably fill a tub a day on peelings, tea bags, coffee granules etc
  • Use a recyclable shopping bag and keep it on you.
  • Buy family size bags of crisps and put into pots for packed lunches.
  • Use a recyclable coffee mug.
  • Shop at Allganic and Moore or Burlington Food Hall at their Zero Waste counters.