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Are you tired of feeling tired? Do you suffer from headaches, anxiety or feel overwhelmed? That probably means that your body is stuck in survival mode. It’s doing its best to help you deal with all your challenges – and the effort is taking a toll on you.

You’re certainly not alone. Even before Covid, the stress of everyday life was the pandemic robbing people of wellness and even of their lives. Coronavirus has increased our stress exponentially – worries about health, loved ones, work, finances, your future, and feeling cooped up and trapped in so many ways.

Fortunately, you can change all that by taking the five key steps to a life free from the Five Dimensions of Stress, which are defined in the Amazon No1 Bestseller book Thrive, by Dr Jason Gould from Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic. You can download a FREE chapter of Thrive here.

You’ll see how your body is ready to help you, and how you can make small adaptations that create big differences to your physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing. You can be pain-free, feel vibrant, and live life to the full.

This book goes well beyond chiropractic into other aspects of wellbeing, gathered from Jason’s 20 years of experience as an expert in this field, as well as how he overcame his own challenges in life, including bullying and chronic illness.

Jason says: “The pandemic has shown us that our health and our loved ones are what really matter to us. So, let’s make the most of them.

“You DO have the capacity to start every day feeling energetic and happy. You CAN have strong physical health and a positive mental and emotional state. You WILL perform at your peak. The book takes you through each step of the way to wellness.”

Over the years, many patients asked Jason what they could do at home to augment their treatment in clinic. While he had many of the answers through his university degrees in pharmacology and chiropractic, and his experience in competitive sports, he realised there were other aspects of holistic health which could really help people.

Jason researched areas such as mindset, nutrition and the impact of movement, to name a few, and brought everything together into one place, in a format that’s easy to read and implement to make day-to-day living easier and more fulfilling.

Jason says: “Good health isn’t just the absence of pain or stress – it’s about feeling fantastic, and having excellent quality of life. And the great news is that your body is capable of giving this to you.”  Jason has personal experience of how it feels to suffer long term illness – and how it feels to overcome challenges like that.

When he was studying pharmacology at Kings College London, he battled through years of fatigue and brain fog caused by glandular fever. He considered moving on to a career in medicine, until he observed during work experience that doctors’ hands were often tied by bureaucracy and budgets, and that the drugs he’d studied at uni weren’t always the solution in patients. They hadn’t got rid of his glandular fever either, and he was upset that he’d had to stop most of his sports because he just didn’t have the energy.

These were important to him both physically and mentally. He’d started sport seriously when, after being bullied since his first days in school, another pupil held a knife to his throat. The terrifying incident aged 11 was the turning point that made Jason take up judo and rugby to build himself up so that he would never again be in that position. It worked – he was able to hold his own.  However, Jason now believes the anxiety of those bullying years had already taken a toll on his body, which later resulted in glandular fever.

Unsure what to do with his life and career, Jason spoke to a family friend, a chiropractor, who told him: “Do you know what I love about working with patients? It’s the natural drug-free approach. The really incredible thing is that the body has an amazing capacity to repair itself and you can help to facilitate that process by understanding what the underlying cause of the problem is.

“Jason, the key to your health is inside you.”

That was the defining moment. Jason then embarked on a degree at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic, and began to overcome glandular fever by investigating how exercise, nutrition and mindset could affect his wellbeing.

His choice was confirmed in the middle of his training, when his best friend died suddenly, aged 25, of a stroke that was probably caused by a side effect of medication.

Jason says: “I realised then that I had made the right choice, I wanted to do everything I could to help people to heal naturally, without being reliant on medication.”

Success after graduation came with hard work and dedication as Jason set up a clinic and expanded. Like most people, he didn’t notice poor health creeping up on him again.

He says: “I found myself lying on my treatment bench, feeling exhausted and drained. Not too dissimilar to how I felt when I had glandular fever. I was working long hours, grabbing the wrong foods when I could. I was in a carb coma and I needed to seriously think about how I was treating myself and what I was putting in my body.

“So, I went back to what I knew. I started exercising and eating healthily again. Everything fell into place. My body felt healthier than it had in years and I could work on my passions – for my clinic, for my patients, for karate. I became a second dan black belt and had the opportunity as a chiropractor to work with the England Goju-Ryu Karate squad at the World Championships.”

Jason has never again let his health become depleted. Instead, he has put his constant curiosity about wellbeing into practice for himself and his clients. In his clinic, he’s always cared for each patient in a holistic way as well as with chiropractic adjustments. When a seemingly small detail appeared to be involved in someone’s journey to wellness, he would research scientifically how they could resolve it.

Over the years, that attention to detail has resulted in Jason’s practice winning multiple awards, thanks to him being able to work long hours and energetically lead a dedicated team. And now it’s led to his book becoming a No1 Bestseller on Amazon. He doesn’t just talk the talk of the book, he is the living proof that he walks the walk.

Jason says: “I have been fortunate enough to travel all over the world training, treating and teaching and my clinic is now a multi award-winning multidisciplinary clinic with seven treatment rooms and digital X-ray facilities. I have been awarded the International Chiropractor of the Year award, the Tony Robbins Leadership Student of the Year and received awards in professional speaking as well.

“There’s nothing special about me, what is special is the 5 Key Pillars of health that I’ve defined in Thrive.

“The greatest pleasure I find in my work is helping my patients to understand how they too can achieve better health. I am passionate about sharing my simple steps, so you too can learn how to thrive.”

You can download a FREE chapter of Thrive here

What are people saying about Thrive?

When I started working with Jason, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia and my health had taken a real dramatic decline. I had to take six months off work and stop all activity. Since working with Jason over the last year, my health has drastically improved and I am now back to work part-time. Jason has helped me regain my health, looking at all areas that contribute to good health. I am so thankful.

– Kelly Jarvis

5 to Thrive Health® System Client

Jason is an extremely passionate and knowledgeable human being. His information is digestible and relevant. He is inspiring not only to his colleagues but also the wider community in which he serves. Get this book on your ‘must read’ list.

– Melissa Sandford

CEO, United Chiropractic Association

Stress is everywhere and it’s only got worse in the past 12 months. This book, and the questionnaires it contains, really help you stop, think and find ways to take control of your health.
The exercises are great and allow you to evaluate where you are in your life and what brings you joy or causes you stress. And, more importantly, what you can DO about it.
This book is so easy to follow and gives you a chance to evaluate your overall quality of life then make changes to improve your happiness.

Amazon review