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We’d love to say a huge ‘thank you’ and ‘cheerio’ to the wonderful Kanti and Bina who have always given a wonderful welcome to the Post Office.  They are taking a well earned retirement, and will be sorely missed by all their regulars.  Saturday 15th January is their last day.

The post office and newsagent is a hub of activity every day, and Kanti and Bina always manage to find the item that you need and point you in the right direction.  Having both grown up and married in Kenya, Kanti and Bina moved to the UK in 2000 and took over the Post Office in June 2001. We’d like to wish them a healthy retirement and just say that they will be missed. They are now hoping to relax and keep up their interests of playing bridge, walking and golf.

Please do drop in and wish them well before they leave.

We’d love to welcome the new owner Kajan Nava and his wife, Lava Kajan and will no doubt see them frequently.