Would you like to know the secret of havingThe Right Birth on The Day’? Would you like to feel calm, relaxed and look forward to the birth of your baby? Sherrie Nelson from The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme explains more…

The Wise Hippo programmes will ensure that you feel prepared for the whole parenting adventure from Bump, to Birth, to Baby.

If right now you feel scared and far from prepared then attending a Wise Hippo course may be just the thing you need.

Whether you just want to attend the signature 10-hour antenatal education programme, The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme, or if you also require additional sessions for Breech Turn, Breech Births, Avoiding Induction or Preparation for it, The Wise Hippo programme can make sure that you have The Right Birth on the Day.

You might like to explore The ‘Fuss’ programme which takes you through our parenting sessions on Feeding, Understanding your Baby, Sleep & State of Mind.

You can join our coffee mornings in Chislehurst and connect with other parents to be, allowing you to make new friends and share your journey with likeminded people.

So instead of feeling slightly overwhelmed and a little anxious you can start to feel positive, excited, calm and relaxed and supported throughout your pregnancy and birth.

For those first time parents the unknown can bring its concerns, those stories that other parents have told you of their birth experiences sit in the back of your mind and cause some unrest when you think about birth. What will birth be like, will I be able to cope, will my partner have a role and be able to support me, what will it be like to become a parent and how will it change our lives?

You may be second or third time parents who did not have great experiences previously and want to change the way you approach your birth this time?

All these thoughts and more come into our minds and we start to feel less than relaxed and excited and instead of looking forward to the birth of our babies we start to fear it and create tension that we do not know what to do with.

The Wise Hippo Birthing techniques are very simple to lean, easy to practice and build into your everyday life, once you have completed the programme you will feel fully prepared both mentally and physically for your birth. Your partner learns all the techniques with you so you feel fully supported and your partner has a role to play so you both understand that birth can be a calm comfortable event and you can feel in control with some simple preparation.

I have 100% feedback from my clients that no matter what path their birth took they were so pleased to have the techniques to use to enable them to make the right decisions and ensure they felt calm, stayed in control and had The Right Birth on The Day.

For reports from my clients please see my Facebook Page and there is lots of information on my Website www.thewisehippobromley.co.uk

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you would like any more information.




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