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Changes to the parking at Sainsburys


We have just been advised by Sainsbury’s Chislehurst of some changes to the parking arrangements for their car park that will come in to effect from Monday, 17th July.

We understand that you will need to spend a minimum amount (amount yet to be confirmed) in Sainsbury’s in order to park in their car park without incurring a fine.  After having spent the minimum amount, we are told that you will be issued with a validation ticket at the checkout.  You will then need to scan this ticket into one of three recognition machines in the car park and then be required to start typing in your number plate.  As the system will know you are there through the ANPR camera, it will auto fill after a couple of taps and give you a few options if there are other similar plates.  Simply press your number plate and you can be on your way.  We are assured that the system is very simple and that there will be support in the car park to help customers get used to it in the first few weeks. If you park and then don’t shop at Sainsbury’s or do not validate your ticket correctly you will get a parking fine.

Says John Woods, Manager of Sainsbury’s Chislehurst: “We are hoping that this system will enable our very valued customers to get a parking space more easily and also find it easier when exiting the car park.”

Sainsbury’s have also asked us to thank you for your patience whilst they currently undergo major changes in store.  Another 6 weeks and all the changes should have been implemented.


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