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Chislehurst Town Team Update – February 2017


Did you know?

… that the Chislehurst Town Team is now 5 years old?  It came about thanks to the initiative of the Chislehurst Society to which we are greatly indebted for supporting our activities with time and money to defray our expenses.  Working closely with the Society, particularly with the Planning sub-committee, ensures that our strategies are consistent and that we achieve the very best for Chislehurst that we possibly can.



Library – There is no news as yet to report on the negotiations by the developer, Milngate, with potential retailer(s).  However, we are aware that the Council is currently in the middle of a negotiated tender process with bidders for the provision of library services across the Borough. We understand that the decision on appointing an operator for all libraries will probably be taken during the next three months.  We have received assurance from LBB that these discussions will not undermine the arrangements that have been finalised with Millngate.

Where we can, we introduce potential new businesses to landlords of empty properties or try to engage with local owners.  Sadly, as the following shows, we often have little influence or, worse, are ignored (but we keep on trying)!

Current changes include:-

–        1 High Street (formerly HSBC) – Reliable Source Limited (self adhesive tapes, currently at The Coach House, 1A Queens Road, Chislehurst) will be moving into this property in due course.  Renovations are well underway.

–        11 High Street (NatWest) – this branch will be closing on 29 JuneWe are in contact with an agent on this property.

–        47 High Street (Villagio) – the restaurant closed in early January and is now being revamped as a Richoux restaurant.  Unfortunately emails to their HO have not been replied to to date.

–        49 High Street (formerly Davina’s). A planning application (16/05673/FULL1) has been submitted for 49A High Street: – “Two storey rear extension to provide additional accommodation for upper floor flats”.  We have seen steels being delivered.

–        66 High Street (formerly Churches Together charity shop) – still no response from the owner/developer as yet as to what the plans are for this retail space.

–        Sainsbury’s letting out of the upper floors – still silence from Sainsbury’s HO despite them putting it on the market last year.



–        12 Belmont Parade (formerly half of Belmont Dry Cleaners) – Planning application 16/05169 for “Replacement single storey rear extension and change of use from dry cleaners (Class A1) to retail/yoga studio (Class A1/D2)has been permitted. Works are underway.

–        21 Park Road (formerly The Little Computer Shop) – this is being marketed by London Victoria Properties (0330 133 0526 or 07758265681), although there is no board up.

–         3 Royal Parade (Annabel’s) – there is currently an application in with LBB (16/05237) for a change of use from A1 (retail) to A2 (financial and professional services) which The Chislehurst Society Planning sub-committee is reviewing. No decision as yet.



Keeping the high street looking good is an important aspect of what we do and we regularly take up issues with individual businesses or the Council.

–        Thanks to Sainsbury’s for tackling the untidy & litter strewn plant bed to the left of the car park entrance.  We understand that their contractor is coming back to finish the job shortly.



–        The phone box near Paper Lane was a real headache!  Scheduled for decommissioning by BT back in February 2016, it was finally removed on 8th February 2017.  Thanks to Adrian Lawrence at Hunters for these photos.

–        We reported the damaged traffic island outside Sainsbury’s about 4 months ago – I am told that the island is due to be replaced and a new D island installed in due course but still no sign of anything happening.  I will chase.



–        The granite set where the high street pavement meet the gravel driveway to Viscount Mews between Hunters & Paper Lane has now been completed.

–        However, the tarmac nearby which was put down when utilities were laid to the new homes should have been replaced with block paving by now.  I continually chase on this.

We have reported a number of potholes and/or water leaks, including outside Sainsbury’s and at the top of the High Street close to Prince Imperial Road.  We are finding Thames Water very responsive when we tweet them with problems.  Another leak has sprung at the top of the High Street and they are attending to it.

We encourage local residents to use the FixMyStreet app to report defects elsewhere in Chislehurst.




The Willow Grove junction remains a priority for us; although there are no simple solutions the matter remains active.

St Paul’s Cray Road temporary traffic lights – these were causing chaos and delays for many local residents.  What was galling was that often there seemed to be no one working on site or both sets of lights were stuck on red.  Last week I received the following response from Bromley Council:-

“The works are being completed by Southern Gas Networks (SGN) and are due to be finished by the middle of next week (approx. Wednesday 15/02/2017).

SGN have had a number of gas escapes along this stretch of St Pauls Cray Road over the past couple of years, each time needing to work under temporary traffic signals and causing delays in the local area. We raised this issue with SGN last year and requested for this section of gas main to be replaced, this would hopefully reduce the number of gas emergencies at this location. SGN did some investigation work into the replacement of this pipe and reported that this section of gas main is no longer required on their network and advised that this main could be abandoned, which is what SGN have been working on over the last couple of weeks.

SGN are aware of the delays in the area and have been manually operating the temporary lights during peak times to aim to reduce delays as much as possible. They have received two fines during the works when they have been caught by LB Bromley not manually controlling the lights as instructed.

SGN’s permit actually expires on Thursday 09/02/2017 and SGN did request to extend their works duration for an additional week, LB Bromley have refused their extension request due to their poor performance at managing the traffic flows and SGN will incur daily fines once their permit expires until the site is clear. SGN are aware of this and have advised that they are aiming to clear site by early next week.”



–        We are thrilled that after years of chasing the two empty tree pits in the High Street have now been planted.


A reminder that the many events taking place in Chislehurst are all on the VisitChislehurst website and often on the High Street noticeboards.  If you have a local community event to promote, do let us have details so that we can add it.

–        The Chislehurst Business Group is putting on an Easter Egg Hunt event in the High Street on 13th April between 1.30 & 4 pm – watch the Visit Chislehurst site/Facebook page for details

–        At the last CTT meeting there was a discussion about a possible flea/arts/craft market.  If you have some spare time and would be happy to investigate the feasibility of this for us, please get in contact

–        the Friends of the Rec (FOCRG) have so far been unsuccessful with 3 grant applications for Chislehurst Rocks and so are looking for sponsors, financial supporters, donations etc for Chislehurst Rocks 2017 on 17th June 2017.  Full details are on their website at http://www.chislehurstrocks.co.uk/sponsors but they are also open to any other ideas that you might have and offers of support.  If you are in to Social Media keep up to date by liking their Chislehurst Rocks Festival Facebook page & follow them on Twitter @ChisRocks.

–        The annual Chislehurst Society Environmental Awards posters are now up around the High Street.  We particularly like this year’s theme “Rural and Urban Chislehurst”.  Good luck to all participants!

We always need help to put on and run various events that the CBG and CTT put on on the High Street and in Chislehurst.  If you can help, please contact us.



Representatives of the community continue to meet at the Chislehurst Community Advisory Panel meetings to discuss local issues of concern regarding crime and anti social behaviour.  If you are interested in attending or have an issue you wish raised, please email me. The next meeting is on 28th March.



Can you help – If you have got this far then you must have a real interest in what is going on in Chislehurst!  If you would like to play a part, even in a very small way, or maybe you have some great ideas you want to share, then please get in touch as we would love to hear from you.


Alison Stammers, Chair Chislehurst Town Team.

alison@VisitChislehurst.org.uk    Follow the Town Team on Twitter @ChisTownTeam

Disclaimer – The Chislehurst Town Team (CTT) is a group of volunteers who give freely of their time for the benefit of Chislehurst. Although care has been taken to ensure the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information provided in this report, the author and CTT assume no responsibility therefore nor for opinions offered. The user of the information agrees that the information is subject to change without notice. The author and the CTT assume no responsibility for the consequences of use of such information, nor for any infringement of third party intellectual property rights which may result from its use. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHOR OR THE CTT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGE RESULTING FROM, ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE OF THE INFORMATION.


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