Valerie May of Valerie May Yoga busts some of the myths surrounding yoga

MYTH: To Do Yoga you HAVE to touch your toes.

Not really, you do not have to touch your toes to do yoga. In fact, the ability to touch your toes can often depend on how your skeleton is made up. Those with longer arms and shorter legs will certainly find it easier!

I find I am often asked this when talking to someone about yoga. People are worried that they have to be super flexible or a certain shape in order to come to a class.   So I want to dispel these myths.

Yoga is for everyone and every body. No matter your age, size, whether you are bendy/not bendy. In today’s frenetic world yoga is a doorway to feeling better in your day-to-day life.

These days we seem to have endless to-do lists, running around like nothing is ever done and that there is not enough time. Our brain and nervous systems are over stimulated and stressed out. The constant world news feels overwhelming and we over-use our technological devices. We often forget to be present and enjoy life as it is happening in the here and now.

Yoga is an ancient system of Indian well-being and self-improvement . It is one of the few forms of exercise where there is a connection between the body and mind. In fact the word Yoga is widely accepted to mean union, i.e. bringing together of the mental, physical and emotional states.

Yoga can really help us to slow down in our busy lives and calm our nervous systems. It can make you feel less tense, more still mentally and open physically and generally much better in yourself.  

I’ve been a practitioner of yoga for 20 years now and have seen many changes and benefits occur over that time.   When I first started I could not touch my toes, and now I can but to me that truly does not matter. Yoga has mainly been teaching me so many tools to help cope with daily living because lets face it that can be very hard at times.

My classes normally include breathing to soothe the nervous system, warm up sequences and sun salutations to open the body, yoga poses to build strength and increase flexibility and a final relaxation to allow the body and mind to fully absorb the benefits of the practice. Different levels are offered, which can provide clear progression. There are also props available to modify the poses – making it ideal for beginners and experienced practitioners.   There is also super chilled out music and prose to lift the spirit. 

If you feel intimidated walking into a class, then perhaps you could try a class online first or there is also the option of trying a one-to-one class to gain confidence.  

Give yoga a go, and know that you do not have to be really flexible or feel like you have to look a certain way. Get on the mat and see how much better you feel afterwards!

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