Friel on Friday… Belmont Parade


Belmont Parade – Do the side streets have right royal names and find out about Adolphus Slade and the road named after him in this ‘beautiful mountain’ suitable for roller skating!

Featuring Joanna Friel, Heritage Rep for the Chislehurst Society and filmed by Clare Herriot.


  1. I remember your parents as I used the shop a lot as I live in Green Lane. They left to have a public house in Bromley.

  2. Wow, a bit before my time but I remember it from the early 80s till it closed, Tom owned it, I loved it in there, Tom and his wife were lovely, I remember getting ham freshly sliced on the slicer, can’t believe it’s now houses, and the British legion opposite now a coop, love the memories, I still live in green lane chislehurst, just up the road from where the bountybox was


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