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Introducing​ ​lunch:BOX from life:lab


Introducing​ ​lunch:BOX,​ ​life:lab’s​ ​limited​ ​edition​ ​of​ ​HiiT​ ​Combo​ ​Training​ ​Sessions

Not sure if you are ready for the ring, but fancy throwing a few punches to de-stress, lose unwanted fat or get fighting fit? The lunch:BOX non-sparring group training sessions at life:lab give you a chance to learn the ropes, without actually hurting anyone (or yourself!).

Why​ ​boxing​ ​workouts​ ​really​ ​pack​ ​a​ ​punch

Boxing training provides some of the best all over body conditioning you can get, no matter what your level of ability, allowing you to train like a boxer without actually competing.

● The health and fitness benefits of boxing are HUGE! In addition to boosting strength and cardiorespiratory fitness, boxing improves a number of skill-related parameters of fitness, including balance, coordination, reactivity, and agility

● Boxing can greatly assist with weight loss efforts, burning as high as 500-1000 calories in a single hour workout

● Boxing is said to help relieve stress and improve mental acuity, speeding up reactions

So, are you ready to give it a go?

Each of life:lab’s lunch:BOX training sessions are 45 minutes long and are designed to help you move better, get you sweating, and improve your fitness levels and boxing technique. During each session you will alternate between movement training, boxing drills, conditioning exercises, and maybe even an occasional helping of skipping, to that famous soundtrack..

Don’t miss your chance to punch-up your workout routine at Chislehurst’s first independent, boutique-style fitness facility, which will not disappoint. life:lab have ditched those irritating parts of the conventional gym experience with their contract-free memberships, and have taken the whole business of working out to the next level by offering only the highest quality of training, technology and service to their members. Oh, and they have a pretty swanky facility too…​ but why not see it for yourself?! The newly-launched lunch:BOX group training sessions are currently available for non-members to attend throughout September. Sessions will be running every​ ​Tuesday​ ​and​ ​Thursday​ ​at​ ​1pm​ ​during​ ​this​ ​limited​ ​period.


Contact life:lab to book: 020 8468 1459 / info@lifelab.co.uk

Who​ ​should​ ​attend​ ​lunch:BOX​ ​sessions?

life:lab welcomes all, no matter your age, size, shape or sex.

PRICE lunch:BOX drop-in price for non-members: £12.00/session + receive a complimentary pass to attend a Tribe Team Training session of your choice

TIME Tuesday’s & Thursday’s, 1:00 – 1:45 PM

LOCATION life:lab, Foxbury Avenue, Chislehurst, BR7 6SD


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