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It’s all about upcycling these days, so how about grabing yourself a bit of BR7 history with one of these Christmas balls for your garden! We have up to 40 balls for sale that will look fabulous in your garden throughout the year, summer or winter. Some of them do need some work, and rewiring, so not all plug in and go, but if you’re prepared to believe in a little Christmas spirit and invest some time then they will come to life..

Measurement & Weight:

Height: 1.2m
Width 1m
Weight 6.5kg

It should be noted that they are commando sockets which are suitable for outside so would need the right sockets or an adaptor plug.  Adaptors are easy to get hold of at hardware stores or Amazon/online and are relatively cheap.

The lights are selling for £50.  A 50% non-refundable deposit is required and we will look at a discount for more than one light purchased.  NB: these lights may need to be restored and they are being resold as such.

Please contact if you are interested.