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Who Lives In A House Like This?


Estate Agent and Chislehurst Group Member, Hunters, have shared some great photos with us here at Visit Chislehurst and if you live in Woodside, Belmont or Holmdale you could be in for a treat…

Adrian Lawrence, who owns and operates at the Chislehurst Branch of Hunters in the High Street says, “These used to hang on the wall in the office and they were found in a cupboard whilst making some space. They are framed prints of the original Davies Estate homes in Belmont Lane, Woodside Avenue and Holmdale Road.”

Adrian would like to reunite the framed prints with their home owners, so if you recognise your house from the pictures, please email Hunters direct on chislehurst@hunters.com to arrange collection of your free print!

To see a larger images, please head over to our Facebook page.

Hunters estate agents in Chislehurst is part of one of the largest networks of independent estate agents in the UK.  The branch is centrally located at 37 High Street, Chislehurst, Kent.

All images courtesy of Adrian Lawrence.


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