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With Christmas trees popping up in every shop window, school hall, outside businesses and in our homes, and even a whole Christmas Tree Festival at the Chislehurst Methodist Church, you’d think there would be enough of a selection to view.  But, no, there is one very special tree still to view in the heart of Chislehurst Commons.

The Christmas Tree for animal friends past and present has been decorated for many years now, and is covered yearly in Christmas baubles bearing the names of beloved dogs that have walked the Commons that have now passed away.  Sadly, some of their owner have passed away too, and they are also remembered here.   Many of the dog walkers have made friends, just by gathering on the Commons, chatting together whilst their dogs roam and play.  For those who don’t always stop, smiles are exchanged and hands waved, but there is always a mutual collaboration through the enjoyment of walking.

Do stop and view the tree, read the names and see which ones you recognise.  Those animal friends have brought so much happiness to the Commons over the years through the enjoyment of walking in the sunshine, rain, sleet and snow – but always enjoying Chislehurst and saying hello to each other.