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What is the key message from OSCAR.?

The over arching ethos at OSCAR. is that as consumers we need to do more for the environment and in time educate younger consumers on sustainability. Fast fashion has snowballed out of control in recent years and the UK alone generates over 200,000 tons of fabric “waste” a year as well as heavily contributing to water consumption and CO2 emissions.

We are trying to change this narrative as much as possible in every aspect of our business. All our products are made to order in London ensuring we minimise fabric waste and our fabrics are sourced from certified sustainable mills within Europe. Our packaging is kept as simple as possible to ensure that all components are fully recyclable and will always be shipped in the most sustainable way possible. This tends to be via Royal Mail within the UK and DHL internationally who provide carbon neutral shipping.

How do textiles get disposed of in the UK? Where do they go?

Research shows that the UK is the 4th largest producer of fabric waste in Europe and on average every individual is responsible for over 3 kilos of fabric waste a year. A tiny amount of this (just 0.3 kilos) is recycled while around 1.7kilos is sent to landfill sites both within the UK & overseas with remaining waste being incinerated which in turn contributes to CO2 emissions.

How does OSCAR. help reduce this waste and turn it into a new product?

OSCAR. as a brand where possible are minimising fabric waste in various ways including working against the conventional clothing manufacturing methods. Most brands including the luxury market mass produce to ensure their production costs are minimal (and profits are high). We do the complete opposite. In fact we don’t produce anything. As crazy as that sounds, we don’t make a single garment other than sampling until each individual order is placed. We then notify our production partner.

Our new women’s sportswear is produced from recycled plastics, milled in Italy. These plastics are sourced from a wide range of post products including plastic bottles and fishing nets before being re-spun and given a second life.

The recycled cashmere used in our winter collections is produced by the same Italian mill on our behalf. These woollen fibres are sourced by hand diverting waste away from landfill sites.

Who designs the products?  Where does the inspiration come from?

All our collections are designed in-house by us (a husband & wife team) and if there is anything we can’t quite get right we have an amazing creative community around us to help. The creative industries suffered so much through the pandemic it only felt right to work with our own extended creative family here in the UK.

Life as a whole remains a firm inspiration for us. We want to ensure our products are functional and not trend driven for the simple reason that it should have a longer life span within your wardrobe. Alongside this we often find inspiration in various forms from architecture through to automotive design as well as referencing more natural tones found within the great outdoors both here in the UK and in Sweden; which has a special place in our heart.  

(Image4)We would hate to limit our consumer base. Our products are truly for everyone however they identify. But given our brand DNA they are considered for a consumer who is a fan of detail oriented minimalistic design. Our clothes are to be worn and enjoyed with a clear conscience that they have made a responsible purchase that does not negatively impact the environment.

How else does OSCAR. help the world around it?

As a brand we try to give back wherever possible. With every purchase we donate to Polar Bears International our son’s favourite charity as part of their on-going efforts to fight the effect of climate change as well as donating to One Tree Planted our reforestation partner.

Closer to home we have just partnered with a youth sports coaching company and will be sponsoring free half term camps for children aged between 7 to 15. For us this is a great opportunity to encourage a healthy lifestyle but also touch on sustainability. All the “bibs” have been manufactured from recycled polyester and we have partnered with a sustainable water company CanOwater to ensure that the kids stay hydrated without the use of plastic bottles.

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