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During the winter months, we’re much more prone to low energy and mood, aches and pains, colds and flu and dry skin and hair. A Pre-Winter Health Check will provide you with valuable insights into your health and lifestyle which will enable you to be fully prepared and energised for the cold months ahead.
4 Reasons to have a Pre-Winter Health Check
1. Assess your nutrition
Many of us feel more hungry during the winter months and our appetite can increase. Often, we fill up on large amounts of refined carbs such as pasta, bread, biscuits, cakes and sugar. This can lead to weight gain, increase the risk of becoming pre-diabetic and harm our overall health.  A few simple changes to your diet can enable you to lose the pounds and boost your energy and mood.
2. Reduce tiredness
Getting enough sleep is key for fighting tiredness.However, low B12, low iron or thyroid hormones which aren’t functioning optimally could all be responsible for your low energy. It’s easy to get used to feeling tired all the time but finding the root cause of your lack of energy and addressing it can make such a positive difference.
3. Vitamin D
1 in 5 adults are deficient in Vitamin D. It’s vital for immunity, cardiovascular and respiratory health.  A lack of Vitamin D can lead you to experience aches and pains, tiredness and to being more susceptible to picking up infections. Including Vitamin D rich foods and supplementing at the dose that’s right for you can help you to achieve optimal levels for health.
4. Optimise your immune system
Winter is the time when we’re much more likely to pick up colds and flus. Time spent isolating may also have compromised immunity. Learning how to incorporate supportive foods such as elderberry, ginger and plenty of fruit and vegetables will help to ensure your immunity is robust.
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