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We talk a good game, but do the people behind Visit Chislehurst actually use the products and services that they talk about?  That is a good question and one that can be answered, to a degree!  Whilst we can try and test everything, we are volunteers after all, and we, like you, have to pay for the goods and services, so therefore we would be extremely out for pocket if we worked our way around all 170 businesses in our network!  However, let’s just talk about a recent one we have just used, so you know that sometimes, we do ‘go large’, and don’t just buy a coffee!

One of the team, needed a new flat roof.  Bring in R & P Short Roofing Ltd.  They have been members of Visit Chislehurst for many years and have always had very good reviews.  So one of the team gave them a call and within 3 rings the call was answered.  Now the flat roof in question was only small, no bigger than 4ft by 10ft, it wasn’t leaking but it was over 20 years old so it was probably on the point of being questionable.  A flat roof has an average life of about 10 years.  Owner Paul answered the called and talked through options and quickly arranged a date to come and view the roof.  He did just that!  There was no hard sell to replace the roof at all, it didn’t need replacing, but the recommendation was to cover it with a new layer, a cheaper option and a perfectly suitable one he felt judging by the condition of the current roof.  He also said whilst he was there he would clean out the gutters, bonus!  Paul provided an estimate the same day, which was surprisingly less than expected and the job was completed within a couple of weeks.

100% professional, polite and pleasing – we can highly recommend!  Now, back to the coffee!