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Mead Road School have been crowned the official winners of the ‘Royal Art Exhibition’ competition!  Congratulations!

Local primary schools were invited to create their own Royal Art Exhibition – portraying the Queen in a creative way.  The entries were outstanding and judging was exceptionally difficult as each school portrayed Her Majesty in different ways.

The artwork across the primary school ages was outstanding and the imagination of each child that participated was shown through their dedicated pieces.  Mead Road stood out to the judges as the children used different materials in their artwork, foil, beads and glitter.  The level of artwork, in particular, for Year 1 was incredible.

Red Hill Primary took second place with several exhibitions for individual year groups.  Their work on Her Majesty through the ages in red, white and blue was particularly good.

Marjorie McClure School took third place with beautiful painted images of the Queen that the children presented individually and talked the judges through how they had chosen colours and features.


Thank you to all schools who took part.  We hope you enjoy just a small collection of the artwork below and look forward to our next competition!