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It’s the summer holidays again!!!  How did they come around so quickly?  At least this year it is warmer and dryer, so lots of options in and around Chislehurst to have lots of fun.

Thinking up ideas is always tricky, so here are a few favourites that we like to pull out of our BR7 box of tricks:

Here we go……

Our local Musical Theatre schools are offering a variety of classes and workshops throughout the summer to include dance, drama and so much more.  All mixed ability and mixed ages –

In The Wings Performing Arts: A popular favourite! Join them for the week or individual days from the 8th – 12th August. The courses start at 10am and finishes at 3pm.  Sign up

The Studio Chislehurst: keep an eye on their Facebook page for details, there is always something going on with Angie and her amazing team.

Michelle Sidwell Academy of Dance – WICKED!  It will be!  They are hosting a summer school of dance.



Outdoor activities:

  1. FOCRG – we just love the Rec! The playground is just fabulous, with a mix of activities for most ages.  The Roost is open for coffees, ice creams and nibbles.  Just relax on the grass or take shelter from the sun in the woods.  There is table tennis (with bats and balls available in The Roost).  Please remember to take litter home as the bins do get over full.  Please don’t BBQ.
  2. Bear Spotting! You may have seen a few around Chislehurst already, but go for a walk and see how many more you can find! Don’t just look on the ground though, these bears can climb trees too!  Take your picture with them or join them for a teddy bears picnic.  You can download a map from HERE
  3. A Walk in the Woods – Did you know that in the red phone box on Royal Parade there are local maps giving routes throughout BR7 – pick one up and go and find something new to look at – extend your walk from Chislehurst and carry on through to Petts Wood!  So many places to stop for a snack, or to pick up food for a picnic.  Don’t forget to take your furry friends too!
  4. A Treasure Hunt!  Hunting for treasure through Chislehurst, you never know what you may find!  This fabulous hunt has been created by a pupil from St Nicholas School. Maps are available at The Roost, Linklater & Warren and Deva Yoga – pop in to collect one.  They are free, but a donation of a £1 would be greatly appreciated (alot of time and effort went into the creation of these!)
  5. Scadbury Park – a local walking gem. Walk in the shade and enjoy the woodland.  Remember all dogs on a lead and please don’t feed the horses!
  6. Wildlife Spotting – have you spotted the wildlife wooden plates throughout the Commons? Local artist Helen Baylis has painted pictures of some of the wildlife of our commons, and you can now see them displayed on trees along the main paths. This is a fabulous trail and keeps everyone entertained on a walk. The Chislehurst Society also supported Helen’s, and kindly provided funds for materials. There are 16 pictures for you to find. A few clues to start you off – there is a Stag Beetle near the Cockpit, a Wood Mouse in the Overflow Glade and 4, including an Owl, on St. Paul’s Cray Common near Holbrook House.
  7. Litter Pickers – one of the reasons Chislehurst looks so amazing is that we often have children volunteering to litter pick! Pick up sticks are available to borrow from The Chislehurst Society.
  8. Photography Diary – how about make a photo or video diary of your summer holidays? Capture your trips out and about, look for scenery, buildings, historical items, pets or go totally random and capture shots of your feet stomping through Chislehurst!
  9. Chislehurst Caves – if you are looking for somewhere to keep cool then this is just the spot! Just check on line to book prior to visiting –
  10. Games – Remember Swing Ball? Cook and Matthews Sports in the High Street has a selection of outdoor games and paddling pools too!
  11. Chislehurst Commons – there is so much to see and do here with miles of endless shaded space.  The Commons have put together a list of things to do HERE.

Indoor activities:

  1. Chislehurst Library – there is always something going on here and its well worth popping in. Alternatively borrow some books, DVD’s or CD’s – try a new baking, art or travel book – its well worth a visit.  Check our their list of activities here.
  2. Jjgsaw puzzles – great for rainy days or if you just need quiet time – pop into 2Gether Charity Shop on the High Street and see if they have some on sale!
  3. Paper Dolls – resurrecting this childhood arts and crafts following the reading of Julia Donaldson’s wonderful book ‘The Paper Dolls’ – Make Them, Name them and then play.
  4. Cardboard Villages – Make a den, a castle, a farm, a rocket – there’s a lot you can do with a box!
  5. Rock Painting – this is super easy and also there are endless design ideas on Pinterest. Chislehurst is very stony so you’ll have not trouble collecting some nice smooth stones on a daily walk.  Clean them up and then decorate – a family of lady birds? A snail? A flower or a Minion?!  If you have any varnish put this on afterwards to make it look super professional.
  6. Make a Time Capsule – create a time capsule of 2022 – find a tin, collect things that you remember for today i.e. newspaper cutting, a drawing you’ve made, a painted rock – and then bury in your garden.
  7. Baking – quite frankly you can never have enough cake in the house! This is a great activity for all and even if you don’t like to cook, you can always lick the spoon at the end.  If you don’t have any decent cook books then pop to the library and borrow one!
  8. Make a movie! Using the camera on a mobile phone you can create your own movie. Write a short script, work out your characters and just go for it.  Use Lego, Playmobile, Barbie or siblings and pets – it doesn’t matter, just let your imagination go wild!

Summer treats!

There is always somewhere to get a treat in Chislehurst:

Ice Cream and Picnic delights – Italian Gelato from Joelles of Chislehurst

Milk Shakes – Mirage and The Chestnut Café

Smoothies – Marlborough Bakery at Burlington BR7

Afternoon tea – Annabels Emporium and Wrattens Cafe’

Whatever you do this summer, have fun and keep safe in BR7.