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At the heart of every community there is always someone somewhere working hard to make the lives of others better.  It may not necessarily be just one person, but that one person is the key driver – Sister Josephine.

Since Covid hit, she’s been more and more aware of the needs of local families and their struggles on a daily basis when it comes to buying basic materials. She has been liaising with and supporting these families by working with local businesses and trying to collect the items that they need to live each day without feeling ashamed to ask for help.  One such business is Smile4U in Belmont Parade who were delighted to help.  Last year on her birthday Dr Mori, Clinical Director, donated hampers for Sister Josephine’s appeal and has generously done so again this year, creating food parcels with a healthy balance and also a few treats too!

Sainsburys have also donated items to Sister Josephine’s appeal.  Sister Josephine will now distribute these items to families throughout Chislehurst and beyond and will continue collecting items as long as they are required.

Thank you to all of the businesses who continue to support families in the area.