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Eye tests, hearing tests, heart tests, nutrition tests, but have you ever heard of feet tests? And, would you pass?  I had honestly never heard of having my feet tested until one day, when I was having yet another good natter with the wonderful Liz from Chislehurst Clinic when she ask me if I had ever heard of phits Custom 3D printed orthotics!  Well, it isn’t something I came across frequently as I pottered around Chislehurst, but for someone who covers quite a few miles on school runs and dog walks and does favour a few pairs of comfy shoes I do like my feet to be happy, I was intrigued.

Feet are like teeth in a way, they are something that we totally take for granted, we use them everyday, expect them to work but totally begrudge spending too much money on them!  However, we should pamper them and take good care of them.  Think of the milage and the wear and tear they endure!  We want ultimate performance at all times, and feet really do affect how the rest of our body works.

So here’s how the test worked.  At the clinic Liz had a scanner on the floor and all I had to do was walk up and down across it with socked feet, whilst the clever machine took secret readings and analysed how I walked and stood.  There was a slight moment of horror when it read how my core was working, but apparently I passed that test – thank goodness for those pilates classes!  I didn’t release that foot related problems can throw your body off balance and cause other issues, so it is important that your weight is evenly distributed across both feet.  Whilst you may feel you stand evenly on both feet, you may be surprised to find you don’t.   Following the ‘test’ – there really is no pass or fail (thank goodness!) custom tailored orthotics are prescribed to either relieve pain, prevent injury or enhance performance.  Its all really rather clever! Prevention is better than cure!

However, although some may feel these orthotics are just for everyday life they are also for sports, so if you are a runner, golfer, skier, cyclist and so much more – there is definitely a huge benefit here for you – phits are the preferred choice for thousands of runners worldwide — from professional athletes to recreational runners.  Here are just a few more details on the science behind it all – HERE.

Chislehurst Clinic are able to help with all podiatry requirements is a friendly, relaxed environment – centrally located in Chislehurst High Street.  If you would like to find out more about phits custom 3D-printed orthotics Liz and the team will be happy to discuss with you.

See if you can pass the test, or just see what your feet are up too!  My balance is good and my feet seem happy!