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Is it a yes? A No? Or a maybe to Bullers Wood School for Boys…?

Bullers Wood School for Boys

You would be entitled to feel confused….

The Bullers Wood School for Boys Local Residents Support group have today (12th January 2018) updated their local facebook group by posting this letter into their local community support page.

Apparently all prospective parents have just been sent this letter…

“Dear Parent/Carer,

Thank you for your ongoing support and for being so patient with us. We have had very little to update you on until today.

We understand, but are very disappointed to learn, that the planning application for Bullers Wood School for Boys has to return to the London Borough of Bromley’s Development Control Committee.

This has arisen because the appeal for the first planning application was dismissed by the Planning Inspectorate. Consequently, the Council has a duty to give due consideration to this appeal decision within the context of the revised planning application.

Therefore, an update must be presented to members so that they can either pass a new resolution or reaffirm the previous one.

We are hopeful that this will be on the agenda of the DCC Meeting due to take place on Thursday 25th January and should there be a resolution for approval, there should be no further delay. An updated report for the committee will be published on the Bromley website and in the public domain by Friday 19th January at the very latest.

In the meantime, we hope that you will continue to support us and we will update you immediately – as soon as we hear anything further.

With all good wishes,

Anne Gouldthorpe Head Designate
Len Webb Chair of BWMAT
Ben Greene Executive Head & Headteacher of Bullers Wood School”

So, what has happened? After all that campaigning, the local support group are clearly frustrated, angry and a little confused.

Frustrated residents are asking questions about why at this late stage, planning is still not approved? And is this just another formality or in fact, a stealthy move by the opposition team to stall this at the final hurdle?

The lead campaigners in the group seem shocked. They had been tracking the final paperwork but it was stuck with lawyers. They are digesting this latest update and do not know what next steps will be. They have suggested that the same 16 people will be asked to vote on the decision but with some new information.

A Council spokesperson said, “We are deeply aware of the ongoing public interest in the future of the St Hugh’s playing fields by parents and residents alike. We need to consider the potential legal implications arising from the independent planning inspector’s decision to make sure the long term decisions are correct for all concerned. We are in regular contact with the school and their representatives and will share any further information as soon as we can”.

This article on Bromley Council’s website seems to explain a little more about this legal wrangle.

The council has been left with no choice but to have the Development Control Committee re-consider the detail of its previous decision when they meet on Thursday 25 January.

Local resident and Mum added her views;

“This sounds massively like someone somewhere (those that oppose the building of the school) are changing the rules to suit their own agenda. Makes me very cross. So if the first planning refusal hadn’t gone to appeal, it would all be ok? Makes no sense.”

With parents hoping to hear if their sons will receive a place in February, yet again the future of Bullers Wood School for Boys is in jeopardy.

To join the local Residents Support Group, please visit their facebook page.

Written by Tamsyn Clark

These are not the views of Visit Chislehurst. All views expressed are my own.

Visit Chislehurst would welcome the views of all parties in this debate and invite the local objectors to contribute to this website. Please send the team an email here.



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