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The kick-start I needed… my first session at life:lab


Being a mum of toddlers, it is very easy to forget how to give yourself time. If you are not working, you are playing, cleaning, cooking… (the list goes on). After 2 years of being at the ‘bottom of the list’ and yearning for some normality (oh and not to mention the waistline becoming an embarrassing number on the tape measure!) I decided I needed a gear change:

  1. More time for me to have some space from being ‘mum’
  2. Feel healthy (and try to maintain it)
  3. Get fit

So when life:lab announced its lunch:BOX sessions I put my name down not knowing what to expect… all I knew is that I needed to do something to kick-start my lifestyle change.

I’m not a member of life:lab, but have been to have a look around before. Being over ambitious I decided to run there from the High Street (about 1 mile). Let’s not forget that I haven’t exercised in quite some time!

I nervously entered the building and was automatically put at ease by the staff who made me feel welcome, that I wasn’t ‘out of place’ (often a misconception when going to the gym). I was swept along… heart rate monitor CHECK, boxing tape wrapped around knuckles CHECK, nervous smile CHECK.

The class was a mix of members and non-members and 2 instructors who were very clear on what we were getting ourselves in for- a mix of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and boxing.

The session was 45 minutes with 2 minute intervals of set exercises. The exercises were easy to pick-up, but really made you work hard! You can go at your own pace in these sessions and there is no pressure at all. I went all in working my heart rate monitor… just thinking of the tape measure results going down one squat and one punch and a time.

The session went really quickly, I think the intervals helped with that. I was exhausted but felt AMAZING. Not only were the muscles in my body resonating, but also I had an overwhelming sense of achievement… I did it, I broke the spell. I can do this and it’s thanks to life:lab for the nudge I needed.

[Post workout ‘glow’… face more like the colour of beetroot soup!]

A few things to say about life:lab:

  • it’s not your ‘average gym’, the set-up there makes the experience feel personal and not at all intimidating
  • they run group based sessions and you are always in contact with a personal trainer during the sessions
  • the lunch:BOX sessions are running all through September, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm (booking needed) and are open to members and non-members
  • if you want to have a look around before you go, you can. Just contact them to arrange a time that suits.

I’ve signed myself up to the next session… if I can do it, anyone can!

For more information on the life:lab lunch:BOX sessions, please click here

For more information about life:lab or to contact please click here


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