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Leave BR7?!


Why would anyone want to leave?

Leaving Chislehurst behind is a strange concept if you have lived here for either a short or long time.  To have everything on your doorstep, literally, is a real blessing that most people probably take for granted.  Have you considered, for instance, that you can practically live in BR7 and never have to go anywhere else for anything else?  Lets take a look…..

Firstly, and most practically – food!  We have Sainsbury’s, where nearly everything is possible, free parking (although those scanners are a bit tricky), easy access from the High Street and very friendly staff.  But if you don’t feel like cooking yourself then there is an array of places to eat – Italian, Thai, Indian, French or how about a true English cafe or two?  If you fancy something on the go then there are the coffee bars or if you want to make the most of your tea or coffee then why not indulge in cake too – if you haven’t tried the cake at Wrattens or Annabel’s then you are certainly missing out.

Secondly, the outdoor space!  Wow, how many towns have so much green space right in the centre!  You can walk for miles and miles through woodlands and parks, taking different paths and also dropping off for a quick pint en-route or a nibble (back to food again!).  The hounds of BR7 love it here, as do their owners.  What a huge dog walking community.

If you love to exercise there are classes galore!  Yoga, Pilates, Tap, Bootcamp – and if you suffer an injury (which if you warm up you should be ok) then you can pop into the Chiropractors to be fixed, or before you start treat your feet to an MOT at the Chislehurst Clinic.

We have a library, a hardware store, a post office, GP’s, dentist, bank, florists, bed linen, chemists, boutiques, opticians, travel agent, beauty rooms, hair salons, taxi service, vets, funeral directors, mortgage advisors, solicitors, estate agents, dry cleaners, wine merchant, jewellers, dog groomers, children’s tutoring, churches, community events, caves and so much more!

So why leave? Well, sometimes there are extenuating circumstances but guarantee you’ll return as soon as you possibly can.


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